Ramesh Sharma independently worked since 40 years in the field of Indian Traditional Painting. Ramesh Sharma was fully devoted to the promotion of contemporary Indian arts.

Ramesh Sharma was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan, in 1948. He was completely educated at home and worked in his atelier since he was fifteen years old. Some of his artworks were included in an exhibition of contemporary Indian miniatures at the Commonwealth Institute in London in 1990-1991, and his decoupage-style guava tree appeared in the Hunt Institute's 7th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration in 1992. Further his work has been auctioned at the Christie's in London, New York and has been acclaimed appreciated world wide which shows a confirmation of his brilliance.

Quality of paint he used was highly important and contributes to the luminosity present in his work. Ramesh had a full-time assistant who grinds paints for him from minerals.

His work captivates the eye and makes one gaze at his technique. He always believed that art should bring some freshness and elegance with it. It should portray something that one has never seen before. Painting and art was where his heart lay. Immaculate in nature, he is one of the most influential artists of India. His contribution to the world of art will be cherished in years to come.